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Learning about the developmental sequence provided our family with hope and most of all lasting solutions. These results inspired me to pursue becoming a Developmental Movement Consultant.

Jocelyn Williams, M.A.Ed.

My passion is educating clients about equipping the brain for life.

Over the years, I have seen an increasing number of kiddos who are struggling academically, behaviorally and developmentally. The CDC reports that 1 in 6 children has a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder. I am passionate about the possibility of reducing this statistic one family, one neighborhood, and one community at a time.

To reduce this statistic, I believe every person needs to be informed about the developmental sequence.  The developmental sequence is a simple step by step process that babies are designed to experience within their first year to develop a solid foundation in the lower levels of the brain. Having a solid foundation allows the cortex - the thinking, walking, talking part of the brain to functional optimally.

As mentioned above I have five fantastic children, however, some of them were struggling quite a bit. Life was tough, to say the least and we were all at our whit’s end. After attending a workshop about the Developmental Sequence I simply knew my kids would greatly benefit from it. It was worth a shot. After my children began the program, they finally began to achieve the results I had been hoping for. The concerns for my children dramatically decreased while joy, peace and hope increased.

For example, I was grateful beyond words when my then 8 year old jumped into a pool with his friends for the first time, and had a blast! He was experiencing the freedom of having childlike fun!

Replicating the developmental sequence provided our family with hope and most of all lasting solutions, not just compensations. These results inspired me to become a Developmental Movement Consultant.

Combining my personal experience with over twenty five years as a professional educator, I now offer the same hope to my clients. It is such a delight when my clients begin to love to read, wear a pair of jeans instead of leggings, are able to maintain greater attention/focus in school, experience a sense a confidence, improved self-esteem, impulse control and so much more. Here are what just a few of them have to say:

“We attribute a lot of our baby girl's development to working closely with Jocelyn. At our daughter's one year check up, our doctor was amazed at our daughters mental development and motor skills for her age. Doc continues to comment on her advanced development." ~Sam and Devin Linette

“My 8-yo son used to have daily rages/meltdowns. Could not control his emotions at all, and definitely the most violent of my 4 kids. ... he never rages anymore, and very rarely gets upset enough to hit or kick anyone. He now channels his emotions by arguing passionately (lol) and singing. Major improvement! “~R. Lewinson

"No more pulling his hair out at the top of his head. Been keeping it super short for over a year and now it’s growing and NO PULLING! Yay!!" ~E. Eppard

“My son (12 years old) can now ride a bike! I almost gave up. I am so glad I didn't give up!” ~M. Mahoney

Truly there is life beyond labels, limitations and loss! To learn more simply give me a call or shoot me a text/email.

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