Terri Jeffers

Hello!  My name is Terri Jeffers.  My husband and I were blessed with a son and then ten years later, the three of us flew halfway around the world, eventually landing at the doorstep of an old orphanage in Kazakhstan.  Before entering, we looked up to see a crooked sign which said, “Umit”, which means “Hope” in the Kazakh language.  It was our hope to give our love to another child and make our family of three, a family a four; blending two countries – one family.

My children are now 25 and 15, but they are not the only children who have been in my life.  I have been an elementary math, reading and language teacher for over 25 years, teaching in Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.  Constantly on a journey to seek out better methods for educating and making a difference in children’s lives, I fell in love with the Montessori Method and sought additional training to become a Montessori Directress. Providentially, this led to discovering and training in Developmental Movement, after witnessing the life-changing impact it had on three of my students and their families.

In my work as a developmental consultant, it is my hope and heart’s desire to work with babies, children, and adults, while educating and providing a multi-sensory, developmental plan for you or your loved one. Please send me a text, email or call to learn more about Developmental Movement.

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