Neurological Reorganization armed me with knowledge in rehabilitation measures. I found that a better way is possible.

Coralee Mueller

I was drawn to NR when my daughter started having extreme behavioral reactions related to her overactive startle response.  The severity of her fight-flight reaction was incomprehensible to me.  She would go into an uncontrollable state of panic to certain sounds like hand driers. It was like she was fighting and fleeing for her life every time she heard it.  Instead of lessening, her reaction only became more and more exaggerated.  There was nothing I could do to console her, calm her or rationalize with her.  As she grew, I started to notice additional concerning behaviors like lack of attention and focus, trouble reading, and problems with memory, coordination, and impulse control.  She was also diagnosed with amblyopia (lazy eye).  I found ways for her to cope and compensate, and avoid triggering these behaviors  as much as possible, but I was determined to help her with a permanent solution.  NR has helped her become well adjusted and solved her anxiety. 

As a  Doctor of Optometry in Neuro-Visual Development, I have seen many people gain huge benefit in their overall growth, behavior, and sensory-motor skill since combining NR with vision therapy rehabilitation in my practice.   I know that greater opportunity is attainable, and I have hope in life beyond labels limitations and loss. And that is why I do this.

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