Our practitioners work with clients one on one, providing each with a customized neuro-development program.

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initial evaluation

The Initial Evaluation consists of two main parts: a history intake and a non-invasive functional neurological evaluation.

We will review your developmental history beginning in utero to present day as well as current concerns including but not limited to social, emotional, academic, executive function, brain injury, brain trauma, and significant medical background information, including accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations, diagnoses, and medications.

During the functional neurological evaluation, we examine neurological soft signs by having you perform specific tasks designed to elicit a response from a particular area of your brain. The neurological soft signs observed indicate whether or not that area of your brain is functioning optimally.

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program development

Based on the results of the Initial Evaluation, we determine your neurological gaps relative to a neuro-typical developmental profile.

We design a personalized program consisting of sequenced movements, vestibular stimulation, sensory stimulation, and reflex integration exercises to address your specific neuro deficiencies. The program of daily developmental activities takes you back through the normal developmental sequence, achieving targeted brain growth and organization.

We direct you on how to properly perform the daily activities. And we also provided you with a wealth of tips and best practices for successful program completion.

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recurring re-evaluation

As you perform the daily developmental activities, your neurology will change as new brain growth occurs. In order to assess your progression and your response to the program, a new functional neurological evaluation is performed every three months.

During these re-evaluations we look for changes in your neurological soft signs, relative to your prior evaluation(s). This allows us to update and refine your program as you continue through the developmental sequence, maintaining optimal effectiveness and advancing brain growth.

The re-evaluations continue until all of your neurological soft signs indicate that a functional neurology has been established.