Hear from our clients!

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Today I looked at my daughter and thought, “I really enjoy being around her.”  She used to not be like that. She was a ball of anger, frustration, and outbursts. Now she is so happy and loving. How fortunate we parents are to have found NR.
— NR, Grateful Mom
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Best program ever! My child went from screaming at me “Get out of my face!” when I first saw her in the mornings (she was 5-years-old) to waking up and singing in her room with happiness each and every day. We are so grateful for NR. So thankful!
— E.B. Happy Mom

My younger son had a stroke at birth, so one side of his body didn’t work correctly, and he didn’t speak. He went through a program of Neurological Reorganization. Both my sons went through NR.  They’re both now lovely adults  - adults who are functioning great in the world!
— NR, Relieved mom
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I am happy to be doing Neurological Reorganization now because things are getting better. I am happier now. I used to be two grades behind in school. Now I am on grade level. I also used to have emotional issues like lack of empathy and anxiety. NR has helped me with those problems. I have seen my behavior change from what it used to be.
— NR Client, Robbie